About Our Camps

Camp Mission

To provide an opportunity through education and competition,
for elite players and interested prospects to grow as players and people.

A Word from Coach Cal

We really believe in the product we are putting out there with these events. We have seen a great response from the players and families that have attended our events in the past and are excited for what is happening up here in the woods this summer with the addition of Great By Choice and Hard Knox!” #WelcomeToTheWoods

Iron Pine is pleased to announce it will host two brand new events this summer at Dartmouth College!! GREAT BY CHOICE (GBC), running from July 22-24, is designed to provide players from across the country with advanced skill development in a highly competitive, tournament style, playing environment. The other event, HARD KNOX: TEAM TRAINING CAMP WITH IRON PINE LACROSSE will be a three-day immersive experience August 1-3 for club or high school teams to train and learn from coaches at the highest level of the sport in the country.

Our goal with GBC is to create a championship level environment for high academic student athletes with an all-encompassing event, by planting seeds for growth as an athlete, a student, and as a leader. The showcase will provide a platform for players to display their skills in front of college coaches from Divisions I, II, and III, as these coaches will be invited to serve as instructors and recruiters. At the end of camp, we want you to leave better than you arrived, taking invaluable lessons away from camp, regardless of how much you are recruited. Simply getting a look is not the goal, we want you to challenge yourself, we want you to become Great By Choice!

Interested Dartmouth Prospects

This camp will be a great opportunity to see what being a Student Athlete at Dartmouth is all about. During camp, you will work and interact with the entire Dartmouth Men’s coaching staff, as well as current members of the team, stay in the dorms on campus, while also eating and training in the same facilities as Dartmouth student athletes. All this, while affording our staff the opportunity to learn more about you as a person and player within the highly competitive showcase format.

GBC Camp Features

  • Staff is comprised of NCAA college coaches & players from some of the finest academic institutions in the country
  • Positional skill intensive training sessions with college coaches to improve on-field skills and IQ
  • College night recruiting talk to learn more about specific schools, divisions, options, and approaches to the process directly from the coaches at the event
  • Leadership and character development seminar lead by staff on-site
  • Premier college athletic facilities
  • All-Star Game
  • Academically detailed college roster booklets
  • Game Reversible with Assigned Number
  • Housing and Meals on campus at Dartmouth
  • HD Game Film available for purchase

Great By Choice (GBC) Tentative Schedule

Monday, July 22nd
11:00am-12:30pm:      Check-in begins at Scully-Fahey Field
11:00am-12:45pm:      Dorm move in

Session 1

2:00pm:                       Camper Roll Call w/ Dartmouth Players in Dorm
2:25pm:                       Player Pad up
2:30-4:00pm:               Coaches Evaluation Session- Scully-Fahey Field/Blackman Field
5:00pm:                       Roll call in front of dorms for Dinner

Session 2

6:35pm:                       Roll Call by Team in front of Dorm
7:00pm:                       Team Practice
7:30pm:                       Game 1 for ALL Teams
8:45pm:                       Recruiting Talk/Presentation w/ ALL Coaches
11:00pm:                     Room Checks

Tuesday, July 23rd

7:00am:                       Breakfast opens up at 53 Commons

Session 3

9:00am:                       Game 2 (Teams 1&2)
10:00am:                     Game 2 (Teams 3&4)
11:00am:                     Campus Tour w/ all Campers
11:45am:                     Lunch Opens at 53 Commons

Session 4

1:50pm:                       Roll Call in front of Dorms
2:00pm:                       Leadership Session & Activities
3:00pm:                       College Coaches Individual Skills Session
4:30pm:                       Finish Skills Session
5:00pm:                       Dinner Opens at 53 Commons

Session 5

6:00pm:                       Roll Call in front of Dorms
6:30pm:                       Game 3 (Teams 2&3)
7:30pm:                       Game 3 (Teams 1&4)
8:45pm:                       All Star Game
9:30pm:                       Camp Seminar talk w/ Coach Callahan
11:15pm:                     Room Checks

Wednesday, July 24th

7:00am:                       Breakfast opens up at 53 Commons

Session 6

8:00am:                       Roll Call in front of Dorms
8:45am:                       Game 4-Semifinal 1 (Team Playoffs)
9:45am:                       Game 4-Semifinal 2 (Team Playoffs)
11:15am:                     Game 5- Camp Championship
11:00am-12:30pm:     Camp Checkout at Dorms


At Hard Knox, we offer you the ability to work/train with your team, while competing with others from across the country. We are looking to create the best possible environment to foster positive growth, both as a team, and individually as players. This opportunity also allows teams to escape the summer heat, and head north to train in the Ivy League facilities at Dartmouth college!

Our goal during camp is to:

  1. Provide an environment where the team can come together and create a lasting culture.
  2. Allow for the option of experienced college coaches assisting with feedback and advice to help enhance the development of their team.
  3. Create an environment where coaches can focus solely on the improvement of their team.

Coaches and players will be given the opportunity
to grow through the following activities:

  • Team practices on either grass & turf fields
  • Meeting rooms, recovery sessions, and leadership training
  • Access to some of the premiere facilities that Division 1 programs have to offer; Including the $20 million Floren
  • Varsity House, 92,000 square foot Leverone Field House, and the state of the art Men’s Lacrosse locker room
  • Use of leading edge technology, both on and off the field to enhance overall growth during camp
  • Certified Athletic training staff on site

The following may be taken advantage of
by coaches with their team, or they may use these times
to work with/amongst their own team:

  • College Coach run chalkboard X’s & O’s sessions for coaches & players
  • Housing & meals from Dartmouth College offered
  • Dartmouth staff observing or running your teams practice
  • Review of in-season game film from HS season or summer circuit
  • Team building exercises; Hiking, Biking, Canoeing, Sightseeing, Etc.
  • HD Game Film available for purchase

Hard Knox Tentative Schedule

Thursday, August 1st

11:00am-12:30pm:      Check-in begins at Scully-Fahey Field
11:00am-12:45pm:      Dorm move in
1:30pm:                       Individual College Skills Session I
2:15-3:30pm:               Team Practice Session I- Scully-Fahey/Blackman/Lower Fields
3:30-4:00pm:               Leadership/Teammate Talk w/ College Staff
5:00pm:                       Roll call in front of dorms for Dinner
6:30pm:                       Team Practice Session II
7:30pm:                       Game 1-Session 1
8:30pm:                       Game 1- Session 2
9:30pm:                       Recruiting Talk/Presentation w/ College Staff
10:15pm:                     Coaches Chalk Talk Session I w/ College Staff
11:15pm:                     Room Checks

Friday, August 2nd
7:00am:                       Breakfast opens up at 53 Commons
8:15am:                       Team Practice Session III
9:00am:                       Game 2- Session 1
10:00am:                     Game 2- Session 2
11:00am:                     Campus Tour w/ all Teams
11:45am:                     Lunch Opens at 53 Commons
1:30pm:                       Team Activity Session (Hiking, Biking, Canoeing, Sightseeing, Swimming, Etc.)
3:30pm:                       College Film Session w/ College Staff
4:30pm:                       Q & A Session with College Staff & All Campers
5:00pm:                       Dinner Opens at 53 Commons
6:30pm:                       Game 3- Session 1
7:30pm:                       Game 3- Session 2
8:30pm:                       Team Recovery/Team Building Time
9:30pm:                       Camp Seminar talk w/ Coach Callahan
10:00pm:                     Coaches Chalk Talk Session II w/ College Staff
11:15pm:                     Room Checks

Saturday, August 3rd

7:00am:                       Breakfast opens up at 53 Commons
8:15am:                       Individual College Skills Session II
9:00am:                       Game 4-Session 1
10:00am:                     Game 4-Session 2
11:15am:                     Camp wrap up talk
11:00am-12:30pm:      Camp Checkout at Dorms

Our Values

  • Commitment- Come here to work and do it the best you can. We will work you hard at this event. Be committed to doing whatever you do to the best of your ability. Being average is easy. Hard work works.
  • Knowledge– Growth mindset. Seek to learn and grow during your time. Leave better than you were when you got here. What you know about the game, and life, may be challenged.
  • Selflessness– Be a man for others. Listen, engage, and be helpful. Lead by serving and holding other campers to a high standard. WE act with our team and our group’s interest first.
  • Toughness– We are looking for tough campers. It is how we will choose to handle adversity. This is a warrior sport
  • Camp Environment:Positive, RESPECTFUL, and Encouraging.
  • Camp Fuel:We want camp to be fueled by our ENERGY and PASSION for the game that we care a great deal about.

Our camps are open to everyone; however, they attract some of the best Student-Athletes in the world.


  • 99% would recommend the camp to a friend
  • 9 out of 10 rated their camp experience as one of the best
  • 9 out of 10 players learned something new
  • 97% of campers felt they had become better players at camp


"As you know some lacrosse prospect camps are just ticket punches, part of the grind on the road to college commitment. I honestly appreciated my experience at Dartmouth's camp." – Camper, 2017 Summer Overnight Camp

"It was truly a life changing experience for me to be put through such an intense three days of lacrosse and leadership building." – Camper, 2016 Summer Overnight Camp

"The talks you had with the campers about your approach and the importance of culture really hit home with my son." – Parent, 2016 Summer Overnight Camp

"The leadership and recruiting talk truly helped me get a sense of what coaches are thinking about and how to be an overall better person.” – Player, 2017 Fall Prospect Day

"My son really enjoyed the Prospect Day. It was a very informative and positive experience for him." – Parent, 2016 Summer Prospect Day

"I have been to many prospect days over the last year, your event was by far the best." – Player, 2016 Summer Prospect Day